The Mind's Eye
August 25, 2017 - October 28, 2017


We all see things differently.  

For your viewing pleasure, Strecker Nelson West Gallery offers

The Mind's Eye - artists' interpretations of reality and fantasy.  

The Mind's Eye runs through October 28.


Featuring: Aaron Morgan Brown, John Gary Brown, William Counter,

Tim Forcade, Jeff Foster, Bambi Freeman, Bev Gegen,

Susan Grace, Eleanor Heimbaugh, Christina Klein, Cally Krallman,

Dean Kube, Patricia Barry Levy, Bill McCall, Jennifer Rivera, 

Nancy Teague, Barbara Waterman Peters, Rashelle Weissenbach

Premiering at SNW: Conci Denniston, Michael Driggs, Lynette Ubel

On view: James Munce's Conservatory Suite